Porsche x Back to the Future

Great Scott! – 

In a powerful blend of nostalgia and innovation, Speed Collective led the post-production for a unique partnership between Porsche, Electrify America, and the iconic film, "Back to the Future." Our very own William Schultz took the reins as editor, colorist, visual effects artist, and sound designer.

Reuniting audiences with beloved actor Donald Fullilove, known for his role as Mayor Goldie Wilson, the film showcases the Porsche Taycan Turbo S in a futuristic light, emphasizing the expansion of Electrify America's charging stations across the US.

It was important to us that we maintained a careful balance of respect for the classic "Back to the Future" aesthetic, while demonstrating the transformative capabilities of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and the Electrify America network.

Precision in color grading, immersive visual effects, and expert sound design brought this unique concept to life, culminating in a film that bridges the gap between past and future, released fittingly on #backtothefutureday. The result is more than a promotional film - it's a time-traveling narrative that captures the essence of three distinct brands and their united vision for the future.

Credits –


Client – Porsche & Electrify America

Production Company
Tangent Vector

JF Musial

Director of Photography
Frazer Spowart

Camera Operators
William Barber
Sam Rojas

Still Photography
Andi Hedrick

Edit, Color, VFX, Sound Design, Finish
William Schultz

Additional VFX
Pure Imagination Studios


Dive into our compelling behind-the-scenes journey with the visual effects breakdown for the Porsche & Electrify America film. This before-and-after showcase reveals how our team brought an innovative perspective to the iconic imagery of Back to the Future.

We faced a thrilling challenge: intertwining nostalgic elements from this classic film with the cutting-edge innovation of the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, all while maintaining respect for the original aesthetics.

This breakdown offers a fascinating glimpse into our approach to VFX, where respect for the past meets excitement for the future.