Salesforce & Slack

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After several years of successful collaboration with Salesforce, one of our most impactful projects with Salesforce to date is the Salesforce & Slack Integration Announcement video – a pivotal milestone marking the acquisition of Slack. Directed and narrated by the incredibly talented Jeremy De Forge, this video is a symphony of various elements, including footage from existing Salesforce and Slack videos, fresh animations, and screen-UI recordings.

Our role at Speed Collective included; editorial, color, visual effects, sound design, and finishing services. With a commitment to quality and attention to detail, we strived to create a narrative that not only announces the new partnership, but also illustrates the seamless integration of Salesforce and Slack.

This project stands as a testament to our shared vision for the future of integrated tech solutions, making this a significant addition to our portfolio. As we look forward to more collaborations, we reflect on this project as a significant step in illustrating the evolving landscape of digital collaboration and productivity.

Credits –


Client – Salesforce & Slack

Writer, Director, Narrator
Jeremey De Forge

Alicia Fischer, Tina Marini

Edit & Motion Graphics
William Schultz

Edit & Motion Graphics
Kai Yu

Color & Finish
William Schultz