All in on data – 

In an invigorating partnership with Tableau, we poured our creative energies into crafting a Tableau CRM Analytics hero video, serving as a dynamic overview of the CRM Analytics feature within the Tableau platform.

We collaborated closely with Tableau, making sure to highlight the unique features and benefits of their CRM Analytics offering; which is sure to be a game-changer in the analytics landscape. We aimed to not only highlight their cutting-edge capabilities, but also to encapsulate the transformative potential it offers to businesses.

With our expertise in storytelling and by employing a refined blend of animation, screen captures, and stock footage; we captured the core essence of this innovative tool, illustrating its power in an accessible and engaging manner.

Credits – 


Client – Tableau

Senior Manager, Technical Product Marketing
April Doud

Jessica Murguia

Tableau Lead
Michael Hetrick

Edit & Motion Graphics
William Schultz, Aaron Castillo

Color & Finish
William Schultz

Additionally – 

While orchestrating the production of the Tableau CRM Analytics hero video, we also took the opportunity to create an additional, yet intertwined project - the Tableau Hero Video.

Showcasing a broader view of Tableau's offerings, this project dove into the extensive capabilities available to Tableau's customers.

Operating in tandem with the CRM Analytics video, this piece focuses on the versatility and comprehensive power of the entire Tableau platform.

Thus, our work illustrates not only the detailed functionalities of specific features, but also the impressive, wide-ranging potential Tableau offers to its users, further solidifying our versatile partnership with this trailblazing brand.