Porsche Taycan

Client: Porsche NA
Production Company: Tangent Vector
Director: JF Musial
Director of Photography: William Barber
Drone: Alex Fuller
Still Photographer: Marc Urbano
Senior Editor: William Schultz
Sound Design & Mixing: William Schultz
VFX, Color & Finishing: Speed Collective


Unusual Terrain

Attempting to reach a speed of 90MPH in a vehicle a top of an aircraft carrier is one thing, but to do it and come back down to 0 without sending it over the edge is an entirely different task!

This project provided plenty of challenges all along the way. With a quick single-day turn-around needed it was all hands on deck to make sure it looked as good as the Taycan Turbo S.

If you look carefully you'll notice the vehicle piloted by the great Shea Holbrook actually stops quite a way away from the safety barrier at the end of the runway. To provide a little more drama for the final film we rotoscoped the vehicle from it's ending position and placed it further down the runway. This was accomplished all while retaining the various foreground elements of the ship that cross paths with it.