Porsche x Coca-Cola

Client: Porsche NA
Production Company: Tangent Vector
Director: JF Musial
Director of Photography: William Barber
Still Photography: Marc Urbano, Andi Hedrick
Senior Editor: William Schultz
Sound Design & Mixing: William Schultz
VFX, Color & Finishing: Speed Collective


The Process

From a detailed script and storyboard to the final export we worked with Tangent Vector, Porsche North America, and Coca-Cola to craft a film celebrating the return of the iconic Coca-Cola livery on the 911 RSR.

A large amount of compositing was done to remove support personnel and vehicles from various shots. The big reveal required a vast amount of compositing and vfx work including shot-retiming, roto, rig removal, corner pinning, and scene-element replacement in order to keep the vehicle in position and transition smoothly between the two liveries while allowing Driver, Pat Long to cross-frame and enter the vehicle.

Color Grading was done in DaVinci Resolve Studio utilizing FilmConvert Nitrate to emulate classic 35mm film print. Matching Coca-Cola red was taken very seriously and was absolutely dialed-in for the final product.