Army of the Dead: VR

Embark on the mission – 

Teaming up with Pure Imagination Studios, we brought our creativity to the promotional material for the thrilling "Army of the Dead: VR Experience". This gripping venture lets guests don their VR headsets and dive headfirst into a zombie-packed Las Vegas.

Our squad handled the color grading, visual effects, sound design, and finishing touches for the promo content. A fun twist? We got our first shot at color grading footage captured with an LED projection wall. Plus, we skillfully matched the vibe of the original film, making sure the transition
from movie to VR felt like a natural step.

This kick-off project with Pure Imagination Studios was nothing short of a thrill ride, and we can't wait to see where our creative paths cross next. Given the buzz around "Army of the Dead: VR Experience", we're stoked for the future collaborations that are sure to come.

Credits – 


Client – Netflix

Directed by
Joshua Wexler

Produced by
Pure Imagination Studios

Edit & Motion Graphics by
Joshua Vietze

Color, Sound Design, Finish
William Schultz