Fastly x Mercedes AMG F1

Overcome, Overdeliver – 

When two industry giants, Fastly and the Mercedes Petronas AMG Formula 1 team, formed a groundbreaking partnership, they sought a brand film that resonated with their shared prowess and ambition. CMD Agency turned to Speed Collective, confident in our expertise to take the wheel of this high-caliber endeavor. With a team of seasoned creatives and die-hard motorsport enthusiasts, we approached the project as an opportunity to celebrate the zenith of motorsport.

With only one day's worth of test session footage from a rain-drenched circuit, our team dedicated countless hours to shaping the narrative through precise editing and meticulously refining the color correction and grading to exceed the client’s expectations.

But we couldn’t stop there. Understanding that the essence of motorsport is as much auditory as it is visual, our sound design experts meticulously curated an immersive sonic atmosphere, ensuring every rev and roar harmonized flawlessly with the film's visual pulse.

The final product was a visually, and auditory, exhilarating brand film; celebrating the collaboration between two major brands and standing as a testament to Speed Collective’s dedication to the process and expertise in automotive work.

Credits – 


Client – Fastly & Mercedes AMG

CMD Agency

Shauna Griffiths

John O'Connell

Dennis Van Dyke

SR Brand Art Director
Mike Friolo

Associate PM
Katie Ryder

Editor, Colorist, VFX Artist, Finishing
William Schultz

Motion Graphics
Eric Bucy