FX – Kindred

The Ask – 

We were thrilled when Ranger & Fox gave us the opportunity to bring to life the essence of Hulu's newest Original, "Kindred," in the form of broadcast idents. This collaboration resulted in some of our favorite work!

"Kindred" isn't your everyday story. With its fascinating twists of time-travel, shuttling the protagonist between the pulsing present of LA and the historical heart of rural Atlanta, it creates an uncanny blend of now-and-then. Our job? To channel that unique duality into the visuals.

This wasn't an assignment for traditional techniques like cross-dissolves or double-exposures. We needed something fresh and innovative; something that captured the sense of being in two places and timelines at once, and to echo the tension and intrigue of "Kindred."

Between FX, Ranger & Fox, and ourselves we went through rounds of brainstorming, experimentation, and countless versions until we had created a seamless visual journey from past to present and back again.

It's work like this, sitting at the intersection of creativity and challenge, that truly gets our gears turning. We're thrilled with the outcome and the opportunity to invite viewers into the intriguing world of "Kindred" in such a visually captivating way.

Presented below is the trailer for the series. Further down the page, you'll find a short collection of the idents we helped to create.

Credits –


Client – FX Network

President, Creative, Strategy & Digital, Multi-Platform Marketing Stephanie Gibbons

SVP, Design & Visual Effects
Steve Viola

VP, Motion Design
Amie Nguyen

VP, Production, Design & Visual Effects
Dara Barton

Art Director, Motion Design
Peggy Oei

Producer, Motion Design
Mel Reeck

Senior Designer, Motion Design
Ryan Hunnewell

FX Network

Ranger & Fox

Creative Director
Stephen Panicara

Executive Producer
Jared Doud

Justin Harder, Jonny Sidlo, Jonathan Larson, Stephen Panicara

Jonny Sidlo, Jonathan Larson, Stephen Panicara

William Schultz, Aaron Castillo

Mike Quinn

William Schultz, Marc van Osdale

The Work –

Now that you've caught a glimpse of the 'Kindred' trailer, it's time to peel back the curtain a little further. Each segment represents hours of collaborative brainstorming, inventive problem-solving, and meticulous crafting.

These idents aren't just flashy transitions, but key components of the storytelling process, designed to set the stage for the time-bending narrative of 'Kindred.' Enjoy the seamless voyage between present-day LA and historical Atlanta, and appreciate the subtle details that make these idents a true embodiment of the story.

It's projects like these that make us proud to be creators, blurring the line between the now and the then, the real and the surreal.