Motortrend – Pikes Peak Film

Onward and Upward – 

Motortrend and Discovery sought an authentic, thrilling retelling of the world-renowned Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Teaming up with Tangent Vector, under the direction of JF Musial, we undertook the exhilarating task of shaping this epic "Race to the Clouds" narrative. More than a race recap, it's a journey that celebrates the indomitable spirit of racing, as told through the eyes of those who challenge the mountain.

At the core of this post-production team was our senior editor, William Schultz, and co-editor William Barber. Working on-site with Tangent Vector, the duo immersed themselves in the raw footage, extracting the essence of each driver's journey, from preparation through the heart-stopping race itself.

In addition to William Schult’s experience in cutting automotive spots, he also brought his color grading expertise to the table for this piece. His keen eye helped enhance the dramatic visuals
of the race, complementing the high-octane storytelling with a visual style that encapsulated the raw intensity and excitement of the event.

"Pikes Peak: On The Edge" brings viewers an unprecedented look at the true story of Pikes Peak, and is also one of the first projects in Speed Collective’s portfolio.

Credits – 


Client – Discovery / Motortrend


JF Musial & Matt Hardigree

Director of Photography
William Barber

Senior Editor
William Schultz

Additional Editing
William Barber

Neko Case

Executive Producers
JF Musial
Matt Hardigree

Co-Executive Producer
Reed McDonagh

Supervising Producers
Alexis Schnedler
Matthew Murphy

Zack Klapman

Mike Spinelli

Color & Finishing
William Schultz

Motion Graphics
Josh Vietze
Iggy Pacanowski

Audio Post
TH3RD Sound – Chip Sloan