Reliant Energy – True Colors

A powerful duo  – 

For Reliant Energy's "True Colors" campaign, Speed Collective joined forces with Material, diving deep into an imaginative color grading process and tacking on significant VFX. Our combined efforts resulted in three attention-grabbing spots that strategically employed color to captivate viewers. We paired technical expertise with a mutual passion for storytelling, taking the campaign's creative vision to unparalleled heights.

Credits – 


Client – Reliant Energy


Chris McInroy

Creative Director
Jen Smith

Associate CDs
Megan Leinfelder, Sean Leonard

Art Director
Leo Martinez

Senior PM
Stephanie Livieres

Amanda Fox

Associate Producer
Tamar Price

Director of Photography
EJ Enríquez

Will Elliot

Motion Graphics & Additional VFX
Caleb Sawyer

Color & VFX
William Schultz

BTS – 

Dive into the making of the "True Colors" campaign, where vision meets execution. This behind-the-scenes glimpse reveals the intricate dance between our innovative color grading techniques and the meticulous VFX process, resulting in a captivating visual narrative for Reliant Energy.